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This is the webpage of Massimo J. Ellul, a Maltese entrepreneur, business director, author and actively involved in international philanthropic and civil society initiatives. We welcome you all and invite you to take a few minutes to go around these pages for our mutual benefit.

Massimo Ellul, or Max as he is affectionately called, started offering his consultancy services in 1990 and has chaired his management and marketing consultancy organisation since 1994 with a proven track record of consultancy services in various countries and jurisdictions.

Max is the Chairman of M & E Management Group, based in Malta and with sister offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Serbia. He also holds positions of director, company secretary and judicial representative of a number of other limited liability companies.

As a registered consultant with a proven track record, his organisation offers a number of niche services to prospects and clients in various fields, primarily in the public sector, the hospitality industry, the health and wellness sector and in other spheres of economic activity.

His proven track record of consultancy services include operations and initiatives in countries as diverse as Malta, the UK, the US, Italy, UAE, Slovenia, Serbia, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bahrain, Libya and others.

In Malta, Ellul represents the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health at the University of Malta and is policy consultant to the Minister of Justice, Equality and Governance.

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