Specialised Marketing

International Project and Event Management Services and logistical overseeing and execution.

Market Research and Analysis, including:

  • client perception analysis
  • 5 year marketing plans
  • management and marketing audit reports
  • competitive analysis and database implementation
  • multi-tasking management operations
  • organisation & management overhauling
  • project supervision, overseeing and execution
  • team building expertise

Specialised niche marketing and management consultancy services, including project management for government authorities, municipalities and juridical councils.

Specialised niche services for the leisure, hospitality, tourism and health & wellness industry.

Special expertise and proven track record in:

  • Branding and identity projection
  • Networked market research analysis
  • 5 year master plan overseeing and execution
  • Target setting, KPI implementation and goal busting
  • Expansion of client visibility, customer base, revenue stream identification

International finance management consultancy, including conceptual project implementation and asset backing procurement and analysis.

Market research including survey and discernment probes, perception orientation, feedback, analysis and perambulations.