Our collaborative culture is one that celebrates diverse ideas from diverse people, tailor-fit to the needs of our clients, delivering a campaign that is purely original.

The fact that more than twenty six years of successful operations within different countries, cultures, mores and traditions have yielded immeasurable networking solutions ensures our being the right choice for the right client. Through market research and a close knit team of primary professionals who comprehend the modern day market, we have developed an approach that is both personalised and dynamic. Our core aim is to bridge the gap between client and consumer through an intelligent and customised marketing plan.

We create brand awareness as well as brand loyalty, with a focus on event marketing that creates personalized campaigns for clients to accurately represent their brands. Cultivating relationships through face-to-face and one-to-one meetings with the right target audience is paramount. The key to this is the establishment of short-term goals to reach long-term results. Charting a course to our clients’ goals we act as liaison between client and customer; a bridge between concept and delivery. Through face-to-face interaction we can adjust and bring a human touch to the individual that we are addressing, leaving individuals fully in the know about your brand and why it is the right choice for them.

If a brand exists and no one sees it does it make an impact? Of course the answer is no, and that is why we have a team of trained professionals who will make sure individuals gravitate to your brand. This new age requires new means to interact and engage with the public and our mission statement entails our being at the forefront of it.

Our organisation specializes in providing assistance in business management, business development and corporate financial advisory services, mostly to middle-tier private companies. Our services are provided on a predetermined fixed fee basis, or on an expense retainer basis + an agreed completion fee, according to the services required.

M & E Management Group is an international consulting operation with many years of experience in offering tailor-made solutions to a predominantly entrepreneurial client base. We provide a bespoke, flexible, cost-effective, efficient and confidential service to clients.